Become an instructor. Sell your courses to 30,000+ potential students​

To ensure that we provide credible courses to our students, every instructor goes through a standard vetting process.​

Will be displayed in your instructor profile
Will be displayed in your instructor profile.

Why become an instructor on LiT?​​

It is easy!

With our stress-free platform, it takes only a few minutes to create and sell online courses and coaching, regardless of your level of technical expertise.

Do it your way

Teach the way you would like to be taught. Publish the course you want, in the way you want by using our customisation tools to curate and personalize your content.

Get paid

Share what you know and earn money on each paid enrollment.

How to begin​

If you do not have pre-existing course content to upload, we highly recommencd that you plan your course curriculum. Your knowledge and enthusiasm come first then put it on paper.  It’s up to you how you instruct and what you bring to the lesson.

What does digitising your course mean?

It is simply having it in an electronic format instead – i.e. video (mp4), powerpoint, word documents.

Remember, you are not physically present to deliver your course, so you will need to record everything. There are many different tools to assist with creating videos – we love Canva!

We recommend that 70% of your course is video with the remaining 30% consisting of:

  • notes
  • tasks
  • activities
  • quizzes assessments

We can only work on the following formats:

  • videos must be saved as .mp4 files
  • video files must be no larger than 60mbps and approximately 5 minutes per file
  • powerpoint .ppt
  • word .pdf and .doc for Google files
  • images .png or pdf

Here’s an article that will take you through the uploading process: How to create a course on LiT

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