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Gain hands-on experience to pass the Adobe certified associate exam with the Adobe Photoshop 2020 course and lab. Lab delivers hands-on experience replacing expensive physical labs. The Photoshop training course and lab will comprehensively cover Adobe Photoshop certification exam objectives and teach you how to navigate and use Photoshop to edit images.

Here’s what you will get

To gain the Adobe Photoshop certification, professionals are required to pass the Adobe Photoshop certification exam. This exam’s objectives include starting a project in Photoshop, navigating and customizing the user interface (UI), using tools and tool settings, and getting images out of Photoshop.


14+ Lessons | 1+ Exercises | 123+ Quizzes | 63+ Flashcards | 63+ Glossary of terms


33+ Pre Assessment Questions | 2+ Full Length Tests | 33+ Post Assessment Questions | 66+ Practice Test Questions

Hand on lab

31+ LiveLab | 00+ Minutes

Lessons 1: Introduction

  • Course Description
  • How to Use This Course?
  • Course-Specific Technical Requirements
  • Setting Up the Course
  • Install the Course Data Files

Lessons 2: Getting Started with Photoshop

  • TOPIC A: Organize Photoshop Assets by Using Adobe Bridge
  • TOPIC B: Organize the Photoshop Workspace
  • TOPIC C: Customize the Photoshop Workspace

Lessons 3: Creating Basic Images

  • TOPIC A: Manage Image Elements and Formats
  • TOPIC B: Apply Design Principles, Elements, and Graphic Composition
  • TOPIC C: Work with Digital Devices

Lessons 4: Managing Selections and Layers

  • TOPIC A: Use Selection Tools
  • TOPIC B: Manage Layers

Lessons 5: Adjusting Images

  • TOPIC A: Modify Images
  • TOPIC B: Repair Images
  • TOPIC C: Implement Color Management

Lessons 6: Refining Images

  • TOPIC A: Adjust Layers
  • TOPIC B: Apply Camera Raw
  • TOPIC C: Refine Images by Using Advanced Tools

Lessons 7: Managing Files in a Production Workflow

  • TOPIC A: Import, Export, and Organize Files
  • TOPIC B: Save Images for the Web
  • TOPIC C: Save Images for Print
  • TOPIC D: Format Images for Other Programs

Lessons 8: Introduction

  • Course Description
  • How to Use This Course?
  • Course-Specific Technical Requirements
  • Setting Up the Course
  • Install the Course Data Files

Lessons 9: Creating Raster Images

  • TOPIC A: Draw with Brushes
  • TOPIC B: Create Gradients
  • TOPIC C: Apply Tool Presets

Lessons 10: Applying Vector Image Tools

  • TOPIC A: Create Images with Vector Paths
  • TOPIC B: Apply the Shape Drawing Tools
  • TOPIC C: Work with Type
  • TOPIC D: Apply Type Special Effects

Lessons 11: Applying Advanced Layer Techniques

  • TOPIC A: Modify Images with Masks
  • TOPIC B: Apply Special Effects by Using Filters
  • TOPIC C: Apply Special Effects to Layers
  • TOPIC D: Apply Smart Objects for Nondestructive Editing

Lessons 12: Automating Tasks

  • TOPIC A: Create and Apply Actions
  • TOPIC B: Batch Process Files with Photoshop and Adobe Bridge

Lessons 13: Editing Video

  • TOPIC A: Edit Video
  • TOPIC B: Add Graphics, Titles, and Animation to Video

Lessons 14: Setting Project Requirements

  • TOPIC A: Identify Purpose, Audience, and Audience Needs
  • TOPIC B: Adhere to Copyright Rules for Artwork, Graphics, and Graphics Use
  • TOPIC C: Determine and Evaluate Project Management Tasks and Responsibilities

Hands-on LAB Activities

Getting Started with Photoshop

  • Creating a Navigating Bridge
  • Organizing the Photoshop Workspace
  • Customizing the Photoshop Workspace

Creating Basic Images

  • Working with Image Size

Managing Selections and Layers

  • Using the Selection Tools
  • Making a Layer Composite

Adjusting Images

  • Using the Content-Aware Move Tool
  • Making Image Adjustments

Refining Images

  • Using Adjustment Layers
  • Using Camera Raw
  • Sharpening and Changing Image Opacity

Managing Files in a Production Workflow

  • Importing and Exporting Files
  • Saving an Image for the Web
  • Using Printer and Photoshop Color Management
  • Preparing Images for PowerPoint

Creating Raster Images

  • Blending Colors with the Mixer Brush Tool
  • Using Gradients
  • Saving a Custom Brush Preset

Applying Vector Image Tools

  • Drawing Using Vector Tools
  • Creating and Editing Vector Shapes
  • Creating a Text
  • Flowing a Text Along a Path

Applying Advanced Layer Techniques

  • Masking an Image
  • Masking an Image Using a Refined Edge
  • Applying Filters
  • Applying a Style to a Layer
  • Making a Smart Object

Automating Tasks

  • Recording and Using an Action
  • Processing Image Files in Batches

Editing Video

  • Editing a Video
  • Adding Graphics and Titles to a Video
Training Method

Self Paced, AI Tutor


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