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Prepare for the Microsoft Outlook 2019 MO-400 certification exam with the Microsoft Outlook 2019 course and lab. The lab provides a hands-on learning experience in a safe and online environment. The Microsoft Outlook certification course and lab cover MO-400 exam objectives along with providing the knowledge and skills required to create or insert graphic elements, send and respond to emails and meeting requests including coordinating building resources, planning staff meetings, and more.

Here’s what you will get

The Microsoft Outlook 2019 certification exam objectives cover concepts like managing outlook settings and processes, messages, schedules, contacts, and tasks. The MO-400 exam is part of the requirements for the Microsoft Office Specialist: Outlook Associate (Outlook and Outlook 2019). After passing this exam, you will gain skills in professional correspondence, creating calendars, and scheduling appointments.


15+ Lessons | 81+ Quizzes | 110+ Flashcards | 110+ Glossary of terms


48+ Pre Assessment Questions | 49+ Post Assessment Questions |

Hand on lab

21+ LiveLab | 00+ Minutes

Lessons 1: Introduction

Lessons 2: Fundamentals

  • Module A: Getting around
  • Module B: Viewing Outlook items
  • Summary

Lessons 3: Email basics

  • Module A: Creating messages
  • Module B: Acting on messages
  • Module C: Adding content
  • Module D: Signatures
  • Summary

Lessons 4: Contacts

  • Module A: Managing contacts
  • Module B: Using contact groups
  • Module C: Using contact cards
  • Summary

Lessons 5: Tasks

  • Module A: Creating tasks
  • Module B: Managing tasks
  • Module C: Assigning tasks
  • Summary

Lessons 6: Scheduling

  • Module A: Appointments
  • Module B: Meetings
  • Module C: Using the calendar
  • Summary

Lessons 7: Customization

  • Module A: Customizing the ribbon
  • Module B: Customizing Outlook
  • Summary

Appendix: 3D Avatar-based Simulation

Lessons 9: Introduction

Lessons 10: Organizing Outlook

  • Module A: Account management
  • Module B: Using folders
  • Module C: Categorizing items
  • Module D: Searching and filtering
  • Module E: Quick steps
  • Summary

Lessons 11: Managing your mail

  • Module A: Managing junk mail
  • Module B: Using rules
  • Module C: Cleaning up your mailbox
  • Summary

Lessons 12: Advanced email settings

  • Module A: Message options
  • Module B: Customizing message appearance
  • Summary

Lessons 13: Notes and Journal entries

  • Module A: Notes
  • Module B: Using the Journal
  • Summary

Lessons 14: Collaboration

  • Module A: Performing mail merges
  • Module B: Sharing items
  • Module C: Outlook integration
  • Summary

Appendix: 3D Avatar-based Simulation

Hands-on LAB Activities


  • Logging into Outlook
  • Opening Outlook Items
  • Using the Tell Me Box
  • ?Collapsing a Group

Email basics

  • Marking Messages as Read/Unread
  • Creating a Signature


  • Creating and Copying a Task
  • Creating a Recurring Task
  • Assigning a Task


  • Creating an Appointment
  • Adding Holidays
  • Changing the Calendar Color


  • Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

Organizing Outlook

  • Creating a Search Folder
  • Creating a Folder
  • Accessing Search Options

Managing your mail

  • Marking a Safe Sender
  • Configuring AutoArchive Defaults

Advanced email settings

  • Setting Automatic Out-of-Office Replies

Notes and Journal entries

  • Viewing the Journal


  • Changing the Permissions of a Folder
Training Method

Self Paced, AI Tutor, Instructor-led


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