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The aim of this course on Microsoft Outlook 2013 is to give your students an enhanced toolset by broadening their expertlevel skill base. Over the course of 12 modules, you will lead your students through a look at topics such as: using the address book, calendar options, message options, task options, contact management options, macros, using the Trust Center, and Business Contact Manager.


After completing this course, students will be able to:

Use the Address Book

Use Advanced Calendar Options

Use Advanced Message Options

Use Advanced Task Options

Use Advanced Contact Management Option



Before attending this course, students must have:

Microsoft Office Outlook 2013: Introduction

Microsoft Office Outlook 2013: Advanced




Module 1: Using the Address Book, Part One

Module 2: Using the Address Book, Part Two

Module 3: Advanced Calendar Options

Module 4: Advanced Message Options

Module 5: Advanced Task Options

Module 6: Advanced Contact Management Options

Module 7: Working with Macros

Module 8: Using the Trust Center, Part One

Module 9: Using the Trust Center, Part Two

Module 10: Customizing Your Microsoft Account

Module 11: Getting Started with Business Contact Manager, Part One

Module 12: Getting Started with Business Contact Manager, Part Two


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