Microsoft: Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

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Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

This course Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions provides comprehensive coverage of AZ-305 exam domain objectives, including in-depth explanations and demonstrations of real-world design scenarios. Designed for modern IT professionals, this course focuses on the critical thinking and decision-making acumen needed for success at the Microsoft Certified Expert level. The course comes in handy as AZ-305 study guide with well-descriptive interactive lessons containing knowledge checks, quizzes, flashcards, and glossary terms to get a detailed understanding of Microsoft Azure platform. The performance labs will provide you with hands-on experience of Microsoft Azure.

Here’s what you will get

Azure supports a wide range of programming languages, frameworks, databases, and services. The purpose of the AZ-305 certification exam is to test your knowledge and understanding of the Microsoft Azure platform, including networking, virtualization, identity, security, business continuity, disaster recovery, data platforms, and governance. The exam is targeted toward Azure Solutions Architects, and includes coverage of advising the stakeholders responsible for translating business requirements into secure, scalable, and reliable cloud solutions.


5+ Lessons | 192+ Exercises | 32+ Quizzes | 40+ Flashcards | 40+ Glossary of terms


40+ Pre Assessment Questions | 2+ Full Length Tests | 40+ Post Assessment Questions | 80+ Practice Test Questions

Hand on lab

17+ LiveLab | 17+ Video tutorials | 42+ Minutes

Lessons 1: Introduction

  • Organization of this course
  • Preparing for the exam
  • Microsoft certifications
  • Quick access to online references

Lessons 2: Design identity, governance, and monitoring solutions

  • Skill 1.1: Design a solution for logging and monitoring
  • Skill 1.2: Design authentication and authorization solutions
  • Skill 1.3: Design governance
  • Skill 1.4: Design identities and access for applications
  • Lesson summary
  • Thought experiment

Lessons 3: Design data storage solutions

  • Skill 2.1: Design a data storage solution for relational data
  • Skill 2.2: Design data integration
  • Skill 2.3: Recommend a data storage solution
  • Skill 2.4: Design a data storage solution for nonrelational data
  • Lesson summary
  • Thought experiment

Lessons 4: Design business continuity solutions

  • Skill 3.1: Design a solution for backup and disaster recovery
  • Skill 3.2: Design for high availability
  • Lesson summary
  • Thought experiment

Lessons 5: Design infrastructure solutions

  • Skill 4.1: Design a compute solution
  • Skill 4.2: Design an application architecture
  • Skill 4.3: Design migrations
  • Skill 4.4: Design network solutions
  • Lesson summary
  • Thought experiment

Hands-on LAB Activities

Design identity, governance, and monitoring solutions

  • Creating a Storage Account
  • Creating an Event Hub
  • Creating an Azure Key Vault

Design data storage solutions

  • Creating an Elastic Pool
  • Creating Azure Databricks
  • Creating a Blob Container
  • Creating an Azure Storage Table
  • Creating an Azure Cosmos DB

Design business continuity solutions

  • Configuring Azure Backup

Design infrastructure solutions

  • Creating an Azure VM
  • Creating an Azure Redis Cache
  • Creating and Managing Azure File Shares
  • Creating an Azure Virtual Network
  • Creating an Azure VPN Gateway
  • Creating an Azure Bastion
  • Creating an Azure Firewall
  • Creating and Configuring an Application Gateway WAF
Training Method

Self Paced, AI Tutor


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