IBM Case Manager Essentials (V5.3.2)

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This course is an introduction to IBM Case Manager, concepts, functions, and architecture. Participants use an IBM Case Manager system to practice the skills that are required by case workers to process cases and create runtime tasks.


This course is for solution architects, solution designers, administrators, product managers, or anyone who needs to learn the essentials of IBM Case Manager.








Describe the users of IBM Case ManagerIdentify components of IBM Case ManagerCreate and process a caseSearch for a caseReview a caseAdd annotations and comments to a caseSplit a caseExplore and identify the structure of a solutionAdd a custom taskAdd a quick taskIdentify IBM Case Manager integration options




Introduction to IBM Case Manager

  • Describe the uses of IBM Case Manager
  • Identify components of IBM Case Manager

Create and process a case

  • Identify a case
  • List the components of a case type
  • Describe the IBM Case Manager Client
  • Add a case and process a work item

Review a case

  • Search for a case
  • Review a case
  • Add annotations and comments to a case
  • Split a case

Structure of a solution

  • Describe IBM Case Manager solutions and their assets
  • Identify IBM Case Manager environments
  • Explore the IBM Case Manager Builder Step Designer

Add runtime tasks

  • Add a custom task
  • Add a quick task

IBM Case Manager integration options

  • Identify IBM Case Manager integration options


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