Automating Tasks with IBM Robotic Process Automation 20.12.5

: 40 Hours
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: Intermediate
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This course introduces developers to IBM Robotic Process Automation 20.12.5. You learn the skills that are needed to implement task automation by developing bots. Through hands-on exercises, you become familiar with IBM RPA environment, including RPA Studio and RPA Portal. You become comfortable with flow control, conditional logic, text processing, mathematical calculation, and file management commands. You learn how to automate browser interaction, capture and process information from spreadsheets, and process email. You publish your bots to the server and learn how to manage bot execution through scheduling, launchers, API calls, and orchestration processes. You are also introduced to BPMN workflows and chatbot development.

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  • Knowledge of data structures
  • Basic knowledge of SQL syntax
  • Basic knowledge of web services




  • Describe the benefits of implementing robotic process automation
  • Author and test bots in RPA Studio
  • Implement web automation
  • Use bots to read, respond to, and manage emails
  • Implement error handling
  • Publish scripts for production and configure target servers in RPA Portal
  • Implement unattended bot execution through scheduling and orchestration workflow processes
  • Set up launchers in RPA Portal to support attended bot executionUse the RPA Studio record and computer vision to capture interaction with stand-alone applications
  • Use document scraping and OCR to extract data from PDF and image files
  • Outline how to use workflows
  • Explain how to develop digital assistants
  • Implement machine learning to classify texts
  • Incorporate business rules in scripts
  • Implement version control, script modularity and reuse




  • Course introduction
  • Unit 1. Introducing IBM Robotic Process Automation
  • Exercise 1. Creating a simple bot
  • Unit 2. Getting started with RPA Studio
  • Exercise 2. Automating file management
  • Unit 3. Implementing web automation
  • Exercise 3. Implementing web automation
  • Unit 4. Handling errors
  • Exercise 4. Handling errors
  • Unit 5. Working with email
  • Exercise 5. Working with email
  • Unit 6. Working with published scripts
  • Exercise 6. Publishing and running scripts
  • Unit 7. Orchestrating bots
  • Exercise 7. Orchestrating bots
  • Unit 8. Creating workflows
  • Unit 9. Working with RPA Studio recorder and computer vision
  • Exercise 8. Working with the RPA Studio recorder and computer vision
  • Unit 10. Document scraping
  • Exercise 9. Creating a document scraping bot
  • Unit 11. Extracting data with OCR
  • Exercise 10. Automating OCR data extraction from image files
  • Unit 12. Working with chatbots
  • Unit 13. Machine learning and text classification
  • Exercise 11. Working with text classification
  • Unit 14. Working with business rules
  • Exercise 12. Working with business rules
  • Unit 15. Reusing and administering bots
  • Exercise 13. Reusing and administering bots
  • Course summary


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