Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Students

To mark a Lesson or course item as complete in

  1. Log in and go to your enrolled course.
  2. Find the Lesson or item you’ve finished.
  3. Look for a button or option on the Lesson page to mark it as complete.
  4. Click “Mark as Complete” to indicate completion.
  5. Sometimes, the system auto-completes content you’ve viewed or accessed.
  6. You may see a visual confirmation, like a checkmark, when a Lesson is marked as complete.
  7. Repeat for other Lessons or items you’ve finished.

These steps ensure accurate progress tracking. Make sure you’ve truly completed the content before marking it as complete. allows alterations, cancellations, and rescheduling of courses to ensure a consistent learning experience. Instructors can update course content, but significant changes may require platform review. Course cancellations may occur due to unforeseen circumstances, with learners notified and offered refunds or alternatives. Courses can be rescheduled for reasons like scheduling conflicts or instructor availability, with learners informed and provided options. prioritizes transparency, communication, and fairness for instructors and learners. Specific policies are outlined in terms and conditions, so consult those or contact support for more details.

Attendance requirements for course completion on LearningIt.Today are determined by the instructor or platform. Factors like assignments, quizzes, or projects may also contribute. Review course-specific information and guidelines provided to understand the criteria for successful completion. Contact the instructor or support for further clarification. offers diverse payment options, including debit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, mobile payment apps, and vouchers/gift cards. Availability depends on factors like location. Students should refer to the payment section during checkout for details. Contact support for assistance or alternative arrangements if needed.

Failure to make payment before the course start date on can lead to enrollment cancellation or modified payment arrangements. Payment reminders and extensions may be provided, but adherence to deadlines is crucial. Familiarize yourself with payment policies for each course and contact support for assistance or clarification if needed.

FAQs for Instructors

To become an instructor at

  1. Visit the website 
  2. Navigate to the instructor section for application details.
  3. Review requirements and guidelines for instructors.
  4. Complete the instructor application
  5. Submit your application and await review and feedback.
  6. If approved, create and develop your course using provided tools.
  7. Submit your course for review and approval.
  8. Once approved, launch and publish your course for learners to enroll. values instructors with subject matter expertise, teaching/training experience, industry experience, strong communication skills, demonstrable expertise, positive feedback/reviews. While no specific qualifications are required, providing high-quality, engaging courses tailored to learners’ needs is crucial. When applying, share qualifications, experience, and a course proposal to showcase expertise and suitability as an instructor.

Yes, you can have multiple courses on Learning It Today’s platform. There are no limits on the number of courses you can create, and each course can have unlimited lessons, topics, and quizzes. Additionally, you have the ability to administer certificates for the courses you create.

To create a course on LiT:

  1. Go to the Instructor Dashboard and click on “Courses”.
  2. Click the “Add New” button to create a new course.
  3. Provide the course name, featured image, and a brief intro about what will be covered.
  4. Select the “Builder” option to start building your course.
  5. Use section headings to divide your course into sections.
  6. Create lessons by clicking the “New Lesson” button or add existing lessons from the sidebar.
  7. Create topics within lessons to break up content.
  8. Add quizzes to lessons, topics, or as a final quiz for the course.
  9. Create quizzes from your instructor dashboard and import them into the course builder.
  10. Customize the quiz by adding questions and setting answer options.
  11. Configure course access settings, such as open, free, buy now, recurring, or closed modes.
  12. Set course prerequisites if needed.
  13. Here is a link to the a video tutorial:

As an instructor on, you can update your course content even after publishing. The platform allows easy editing of videos, lectures, quizzes, and assignments. However, major changes should consider enrolled learners, who can be notified and provided with relevant information. Clear communication is crucial to address their concerns and maintain engagement. values course updates to deliver quality, up-to-date content to learners.

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